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About us

About us

The pilot of Baloníssimo, Nelson J. Baetslé is from Belgium and has 15 years of experience in ballooning. He started as a ground-crew member and soon became a student-pilot, he got his private licence in 2006. In those years he felt in love with the Alentejo in Portugal and never stopped coming back.

Two years later he got the commercial licence and since than he flew already more than 30 different balloons in 15 countries and 4 continents. In 2015 he founded Baloníssimo in Evora, Portugal.

The joy of flying in a hot air balloon is something we want to share!

For booking and info, you will probably talk or mail with Isis, she schedules the flights, replies your emails and questions, helps as a ground crew and organises a traditional after-ballooning-picnic if you like.

To set up the balloon, get us airborn and back after landing, we can count on our groundcrew ! The chase has no more secrets for them. Thee know the region follow the balloon by road or even when there is no road at all, they finds us!

One other important member for ground assistance is Budha, he loves to help and play, entertain us and run around… just for some food, water and a lot of love and attention..