Flights and prices

Flights and prices

We offer various locations and type of flights. From private- to group flights, or high-altitude to captive flights. You can see a description below…

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  • Flights and prices

    Evora from above

    We meet near the take off place a half an hour before sunrise. At sunrise weare airborn and enjoy the city awakening and the unforgetable views of thebeautifull Alentejo. After about 1 hour we look out for a landing spot. Thechase vehicle comes nearby, we pack up the balloon and have a drink tocelebrate the adventure. We bring you back to the city or meeting point.

    € 160 p.p.

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    Exclusive for two

    This flight is even more exclusive, only the two of you and the pilot. We takeoff at sunrise and fly one hour over the city, the fields and the beautifullAlentejo.

    € 800 for two persons

    Pick up service included

  • Flights and prices

    Other locations

    If you want to fly in your own city or region, get in contact. Depending onthe geographical and aeronautical conditions we will find a solution toplease your wishes. Note that not all regions in Portugal are suitable to do asafe flight of one hour.

    Price on request

  • Flights and prices


    Our voucher is perfect as a present. It can be send by postal mail (national)or email. It has a validity of 1 year and is not refundable.

    € 150 p.p.

  • Flights and prices

    Captive flight

    A captive flight means the balloon is anchored to the ground and we go up toabout 30 m. This is intresting as an attraction for an event, opening or anyother reason to attract attention.

    Price on request.